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‘Oh Love’ Single


‘Oh Love’ opens the beautiful atmospheric indie-folk record Weightless / Still , which incorporates a wide range of instrumentation with lush guitars, synths, keys, brass and more, all enveloped in decadent vocal harmonies creating a vast, expansive sound. The Dublin duo Anthony Furey and Paul Butler came together and travelled the breadth of the globe as the acclaimed collective The Young Folk and now with Weightless / Still they continue their musical journey under the name Elgin, a natural progression that represents a new direction for the band. Whilst still centered around the key contributing members of The Young Folk, Elgin gives them the freedom to play different instruments, to untangle themselves from the steady rotation of band members and get back to the simplicity of a duo, just like it was in the beginning.

The album captures so many feelings and states of mind, all aspiring ultimately perhaps to a feeling we often dream about, the feeling of being weightless and still, “as in out-of-body, the feeling that we never have”.

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