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Uber ‘Toys’ advert song – Letters by The Young Folk

December 12 2018

The new online ad for Uber, which aired this week in France, Switzerland and Austria, features a young boy playing with a yellow toy car, set to a poignant tune about kids who “grow up so fast”. As the boy plays in the back of a car, he looks out of the window to see a life-size yellow car made of lego, identical to his toy.

The song is ‘Letters’ by The Young Folk.

Written and sung by The Young Folk’s Paul Butler, the version used in the ad is a remix by the producers of the Uber advert.

The original version of Letters can be found on The Young Folk’s debut album The Little Battle (Pixie Pace Records / ARC Music).

These kids, well they grow up so fast
Will their innocence still be here when I get back?
The apple trees are in full bloom
And their toys, they fill up every room
Well it’s you, I never want you to change
I want your loving eyes to always see me this way
So I’ll take on this road alone
Will you still be here when I get home?
Will you write to me my one true love?
Will you promise me you’ll never give up?
Yeah, I promise you I’ll never give up.